un te da matti is an Italian brand of handmade bags and accessories that arise from the union between creative minimalism and passion for vintage, between research and tradition.

Dry shapes, the result of a process of subtraction and simplification, to minimize the environmental impact of production.

Great attention to materials, exclusively natural: high quality vegetable tanned leather from large production remnants, often ancient and regenerated fabrics and an obsessive choice of small parts make each creation unique, with a strong identity.

From a totally eco-sustainable perspective, the entire production process is rigorously controlled and developed in Italy, mostly in Piedmont and in the Alba laboratory.

The crazy tea creations are available and purchasable online, in some selected stores and in the Alba atelier, where carefully chosen handcrafted jewelery and accessories are also offered, in line with the style of the collections.

Un tea da matti is an independent brand created and directed by Sara Battaglino who, in 2015, after years of working in the field of interior design and long experience in the social field, decided to dedicate herself full time to her passion.