detail of working hands

There is the desire to convey beauty through creativity, without prejudice or aesthetic respectability.

Creativity that, in one way or another, I have carried with me since I was little but which began to save me the exact moment I was able to truly express it.

A world of beauty made of precious materials, research, details and obsessive imperfection.

I personally choose the leathers and fabrics to use in the collections with deep care and meticulousness.

For the most part they are leathers deriving from the end of production of large brands, leathers already produced of the highest quality but which are found in small quantities: for this reason my collections, especially with regards to colours, are very limited.

A way to avoid triggering new production processes by trying to use what the market already offers.

The fabrics I use are almost always vintage or period, the result of long and passionate research. Recovering and saving valuable materials that no one wants anymore for the use for which they were created has always been one of my priorities.

I often make use of precious collaborations with other artisans, to always create something unique and with high artistic value such as Fulvio Luparia, Diamantina Palacios, Alice Reina di Biancodichina, Lorella Greco, Nanette Libiseski, Francesca Venuti of Minederien, Susanna Guernelli of Myhandmade, to name a few.

The search for the perfect leather, the right texture or shade to create an overall harmonious and unique collection requires, for these reasons, a lot of commitment.

Who's behind it?

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I'm definitely there, with my strengths and many flaws, with a past as an architect that I don't deny, on the contrary.

I believe that having had a different or not strictly technical background in what I am doing now has given me the opportunity to experiment, trying to create something that is more similar to me, trying to change something within the rules of classic leather goods. .

But not only.

There are fundamental people who help and support me and without whom I would not have been able to do anything.

A sort of fragmented team that I trust and believe in.

Whether they are precious collaborators, extremely patient family members and relatives or "saint" friends and colleagues with whom I have long phone calls/outbursts.

There are the people who follow me, my clients, fundamental and necessary.

And I'm not saying this to gain their respect, anyone who knows me knows this.

I say this because they, one by one, are helping me to add a piece every day, they are stimulating me to grow, to change direction when necessary, to always improve, or try.

I remember very well the shyness of the first years in publishing a photo of one of my creations with the fear that it wouldn't be liked. The maturity and awareness of being on the right path is largely thanks to you 🖤

- Will be